Thursday, 29 October 2015

5 Tips for Real Estate Investing Success

As you prepare to become a successful real estate investor, I encourage you to take the following tips into consideration. They have helped me greatly as I have navigated my way through the world of real estate--and life in general. I hope these tips will make just as big of an impact on your life as they have had on mine.

Tip #1: Create a game plan.

Decide what you want to accomplish and outline the steps that you must take to get there. Who will be involved? How will you meet them and gain their cooperation? How much time will it take? Where will you find this time? How much will it cost, and where will you get this money? What's the risk? How will you handle it?

This plan will serve as your guide each day, so you need to get it right. That brings us to the next tip...

Tip #2: Have an expert review your plan.

The first real estate investing plan I created involved me single-handedly buying 100 houses in a year. And it listed several different marketing strategies that were completely cost ineffective. I had a friend of mine (who isn't even involved in real estate) review the plan, and he said it looked good. How silly of me!
About eight months into working this over-reaching and misguided plan, I had an expert investor review it. He tore it apart, and together we reconstructed a better plan with more realistic goals (buy 12 houses, not 100) and a more effective marketing plan

Shortly thereafter, I bought 6 houses, and I actually felt good about my progress. Six out of twelve feels much better than six out of 100!

Tip #3: Don't give up.

The life of a new real estate investor is filled with countless highs and lows. You're on a high when you think you have a property all locked up to purchase, and then you hit a low when it suddenly falls though at closing.

Or you're on a high when you finally do close on that house, but you hit a low when you hit a 3-week dry spell and it feels like you couldn't get a seller to agree to your price--even if you paid double.

I hit a personal low when I was jobless and $5,500 in debt from fruitless marketing attempts. But I got up early each morning and worked toward my goal of financial freedom. Even though a voice in my head told me to give up, I never did.

That's probably the #1 key to success: Don't give up. Even someone who's as dumb as a box of rocks will eventually succeed if he doesn't give up.

Tip #4: Take baby steps.

When you break it all down, big goals, big dreams, and big plans are nothing more than a series of miniature action steps or "to do" items. When you dissect the daily life of a successful investor, you'll find that he or she does 8 to 12 things each day that are real estate related.

One item might be "Watch DVD #5 in the new investing course I bought." Another item might be "Call the title company about the name on the warranty deed" or "Meet the inspector at the house on Watson Street."

All of these little tasks each day add up to what is, or what eventually will be, a large and highly profitable real estate investing operation. So don't toss that "to do" list by the wayside, thinking that your small efforts today don't mean much. They mean everything.

Tip #5: Become comfortable with discomfort.

I was actually nervous at the first real estate investing meeting that I attended. I was wondering if I would say something stupid or if I wouldn't fit in. After all, most of the investors in the room were 40 or 50 years old, and I was 22.

But by the third meeting I attended, I became comfortable with the crowd. Had I quit after the first meeting, I would have missed out on the very information that enabled me to buy so many properties.

I've learned that one of the biggest keys to success is persisting though uncomfortable situations until they eventually become comfortable. This is where true growth occurs.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Alliance Orchid Springs – State of the art project

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The desire to own a perfect house is common to all. The satisfaction and contentment of living in a perfect house is an important factor in one’s life. With special attention and focus on the expectations & needs of a common man, Alliance Builders have designed their residential project Alliance Orchid Springs. With their state-of-the-art projects, Alliance Builders has established benchmarks in the real estate sector. The project Alliance Orchid Springs is located at the prime location of Annanagar West Extension, Padi in Chennai. It is an ideal location surrounded by Korattur Lake, one of the largest fresh water lakes in the city. With the vision of serving the best to society, Alliance Builders strongly believe in maximizing customer satisfaction and using quality raw materials in their projects.
Alliance builders, alliance orchid springs, alliance builders group
The Alliance Orchid Springs apartments are embedded with the concepts of space, luxury and comfort.  It has 2026 luxury home apartments along with a shopping mall, multiplex sports courts, children’s play area and landscaped gardens and a clubhouse with exclusive features.  The apartments are well connected to reputed educational institutes like Chennai Public School, SBOA, DAV, MGR University and Vaishnava College, hospitals like Madras Medical Mission, Frontier Life Line and Sundaram Medical Foundation, renowned corporates like  TVS Lucas, Britannia, Prince InfoTech IT Park, TCS and HCL, major landmarks & prime locations of the city, super markets, entertainment zones and multiplexes.
Alliance builders, alliance orchid springs, alliance builders group
Alliance builders have effectively infused the concepts of traditional & conventional method of construction with modern state-of-the-art technologies.  The project offers a complete blending of exclusive features and technologies to support a modern lifestyle along with what nature has to offer.  All these features along with astounding infrastructure make Orchid Springs Apartments an abode of luxury and comfort.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Alliance Infrastructure crafting milestones of excellence

‘Where actions speak louder than words’ is how the work ethics are defined at Alliance Infrastructure Projects Pvt. Ltd. Alliance Infrastructures is a collaboration of young minds who are vibrant and self-motivated and who adhere to international standards of work delivery and follow a high degree of professionalism. Their relentless hard work and insistent efforts have translated into an amazing regularity in the deliveries by Alliance Infrastructures. The group has taken giant strides in the development industry and has broken all barriers of excellence.
The company is headquartered at Bangalore and has spread its operations in many parts of the country that include Chennai, Hyderabad and Mysore. Alliance currently holds 1.04 Crore sq. ft. (10.4 Million sq. ft.) of projects which are worth Rs. 5,000 crore. These projects are in different phases of execution.

Our Vision

Alliance has a defined set of goals which bespeak all its actions. The company aims at conquering the international real estate market with a vision to become a $10 billion enterprise and the world’s largest real estate development company by 2035. This milestone brings glory to the company as well as brings pride to the national real estate scenario.

Our Mission

We aim at delivering excellence which is more than value for money for our clients. Through our innovative and quality driven projects, we ensure superlative comfort and luxury.
Our team is as dedicated to timelines as it is to quality. We ensure an in-time completion and delivery of projects.
Happy employees translate into happy clientele. We, at Alliance, strictly believe this. We make sure that all our employees feel a sense of belongingness and stability.

Our Values

Integrity is the word that we abide to and define our operations. We operate with high levels of integrity and inculcate quality culture at all the levels.
We value time commitments which we entrust to our customers. We deliver our projects in time for each and every client.

We make it a win-win deal for our clients as we develop large-scale projects which help us achieve economies of scale and hence we can share a part of our savings with our clientele.